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Supply Only

Our installation service has an outstanding reputation, and we can work with other trades on projects to fit all our products. Because we hire and train our own fitters, having us install your products means you’ll benefit from our 5 year installation guarantee too.

However, if you would rather install your own doors, then we offer a competitive supply-only service to individuals and the trade. We can tailor what we provide to your needs, meaning you only pay for what you need to.

Safety Notice, Products such as garage doors, roller shutters and automation systems should only be installed by trained and experienced people. They can be large, heavy, complex pieces of equipment that can be extremely dangerous if not fitted properly. Failure to install your products properly can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as leaving your family, property and possessions at risk. If you have any doubt, contact us to talk through your requirements.


  • Private Individuals

    If you want to install your product yourself, or have someone in mind to carry out the work for you, we can supply you with the door and all the parts needed to get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

    We’re happy to liaise with whoever will be fitting the door to offer guidance and reassurance that you might not find with an internet-only supplier – and if you want extra peace of mind, we can also come out and make sure all the measurements are correct to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

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  • Trades

    We’ve been working with the building trade for many years, and pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service. We’re more than a supplier, we’re a collaborative partner willing to work with you to find ways to deliver great products at competitive prices.

    That’s why we go the extra mile – assisting with samples, brochures, technical advice and up-to-date information and product ranges you can rely on. Whether you only need a couple of doors a year or are looking for a supplier who can deal in large quantities across multiple projects, we’ve got the skills and experience you’re looking for. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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