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Roller Shutters

Electrically operated roller shutters for doors and windows.

With our range of electric roller shutters, you can utilise them without the need for manual operation. Capable of automatically closing during an emergency, such as the event of a fire alarm, where they will perform a powered descent, becoming a fire-resistant barrier to further protect your establishment.

Secure Roller Shutters for Commercial Use

Our range has been carefully manufactured to provide reliable protection to your business as an effective, security barrier. Having been fully tested to both British and European standards, our selection of roller shutters has been tested and approved by a number of security and performance bodies. Reliably protect your business with Freelance.

Made to Measure

Our range of roller shutters is made to measure. However big or small you require your installation to be, here at Freelance we can easily accommodate you. We work with you to create the perfect fit, allowing for a correct installation size that will completely cover your door, window, or shopfront.

Back Up Battery for Continuous Operation

Regardless of sudden drops in electricity supply, we can ensure that your roller shutter will continue to perform thanks to our backup battery. Making sure that your shutter can open and close 24/7 is integral to any business that relies on the security of our range, which is why we account for sudden issues with electricity supply. In the event of an emergency, you will still be able to conduct your business with zero issues.

Industrial Roller Shutters for Internal & External Installation

Our roller shutters are readily available to be installed both externally and internally at your establishment. Depending on the shape of your window, door, and shopfront openings, you may require either an exterior or interior installation, which we can help accommodate for you. You can benefit from an installation that matches your requirements.

Fully Tested and Approved

Our range of electric roller shutters has been fully tested and approved by multiple security, performance, and fire-rated bodies. They have been tested to BS EN 16034: for shutters product standard, fire resisting characteristics and BS EN 13241: for shutters product standard, performance characteristics. Benefit from a secure barrier that has been thoroughly tested and approved, giving you that necessary peace of mind that your property and your business are sufficiently protected.