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We are also experienced in carrying out alteration works.

For many of our customers it's about the convenience and peace of mind of having us complete the project from start to finish.  Because we know exactly how and where the doors fits means we can create the opening to achieve the best possible finish.

While some alterations are reasonably straight forward, for the structural elements such as center pillar replacements, we always obtain structural engineer’s calculations for the new supporting steel beams and padstone details. When necessary we also instruct and liaise with building control to log, inspect and sign off any works.


  • Center Pillar Removal

    Ever dream of being able to one day park your car in the garage?

    Vehicles have significantly increased since the days when a Mini was truly mini, yet garage openings remain unchanged - making the prospect of parking your car inside a risky or even impossible.

    For those with two car garages and two single doors, the logical and now very common solution is for us to remove the central dividing pillar, install a supporting steel beam, and then fit a new garage door system to maximise the entire width.

    Simple in principle! However, there can be serious structural implications which need careful planning. It's for this reason we always involve structural engineers to calculate and specify supporting steel beams, and when necessary we arrange for building control to inspect and provide certification on completion.

  • Conversions

    From a garage to a room - and then back again.

    Are you one of many who have a garage that's been converted to a room and would now like the benefits of a garage back.

    We offer the service of converting garages back as they were originally intended - to store garden machinery, tools, and you never know - maybe even park a car! We can discuss options for maximizing drive through clearances and other preferences you might have.

    Our aim is to provide one cost effective package, saving you the time and hassle of having to organize other trades.

  • Access Doors

    It can be a real pain when you have to open a large and often heavy garage door everytime you need something.

    It may be the security concerns of continously exposing the contents for all to see, or if you use the garage as a workshop or utility room, you despair when the cold weather, dirt and leaves blow in everytime you open the door. Whatever your reason, we will be able to create a easy means of access with a personnel door.

    You have a few options when it comes to creating personnel door access into your garage.

    • We discuss with you a location to create a new opening, carefully cut out and install the lintel, and then fit your new personnel door. We offer a range of low maintenance doors to match and compliment your garage door.
    • For double two car garages with a single large door, we remove the door and divide the opening with a post or pillar to create space for a new matching personnel door alongside a new and slighty narrower garage door.
    • To install a new garage door system which incorporates a personnel (wicket) door designed and manufactured into the main garage door. A very neat and clever solution.

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