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Garage Door Automation & Openers

Automated garage door openers for total convenience.

Automatic garage door openers offer total convenience. With the click of a button, the garage is opened saving the hassle of getting out the car in the pouring rain to run and open the doors, or having to check the garage is locked up at night.

Hormann Automatic Garage Doors

Premium garage doors come equipped with safety features and added security, but with Hormann automatic garage door openers, there is the ultimate convenience added. Using market leading BiSecur technology, Hormann electric door openers are up to 50% quicker to open than other automatic garage door openers, meaning you can access your garage quickly.

Available for most sectional, up and over and retractable garage doors, the Hormann technology is suitable for most homeowners looking for an easier to use garage door solution. Offering stable and secure door travel, the automatic garage door opener range is designed with a stylish brushed finish giving it an elegant appearance.

Electric & Automatic Garage Door Opener Controls

Electric garage doors come with two controllers as standard, with optional extra units available if required. One control has four buttons and is smaller and lightweight to sit on a set of car keys, while the other controller has five buttons and is more suited for using inside the house.

The control has a feature that allows the homeowner to check if the garage door is shut, without even needing to take a step outside. If the light is green, the electric garage door is shut closed, while red indicates it is still open. The automated automatic garage door opener locks itself when shut for security, and as the process is manual, even in the event of a power failure, the door will remain steadfastly locked. However, if you want to head out or there is an emergency during a power failure, there is a manual override system from the inside to allow you to open the garage door.

Safe & Secure Garage Door Automation

The electric garage doors supplied and fitted by the experts at Freelance Entry Solutions have safety features to ensure any accidents are avoided. Hormann automatic garage door openers have a safety cut out system, which detects if any object is in the way of the closing door, reversing safely away with no damaged caused. Aside from this, we fit the remote automation systems with moving components safely tucked away in safety barrels and more.