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Garage Door Spares & Repairs

When your garage door fails we will do our upmost to respond as quickly as possible because we understand the inconvenience and vulnerability when garages are unsafe and potentially unsecure.

We hold a large selection of the most common spare parts for garage doors and with over 27 years of experience we are very familiar with older garage door systems as well as the new.


  • Garage Door Repairs

    Our garage door repair teams are fully trained and equipped with vehicles that carry a vast array of common spare parts with the aim of getting your garage door up and working as quickly as possible.

    From replacing cables, springs, rollers, locks and handles through to more technical fault finding problems, we can help.

    Costs: Fixed Fee + Cost of Parts

    • Fixed Fee – Our repairs service is based on a simple fixed call out fee with no additional labour/repair charges. We believe this provides clarity and reassurance for our customers.
    • Parts – The only addition to the fixed call out fee will be the costs of any parts required. We endeavor to provide an indication of parts costs prior to visiting, but can only verify once we have made an assessment on site.
  • Repair Includes

    The Repair
    The repair technician will assess the fault, confirm the cost, and providing they have the parts on the vehicle will proceed with the repair.

    Return Visit (Due to parts required)
    In the event the spare parts need to be ordered because the spare is a non stock part, then the return visit will not incur any additional charges to the customer.

    Service and Maintenance
    As part of a repair, we carry out servicing and maintenance of the garage door and if applicable, the automation. You can find further details under Our Services - Servicing and Maintenance section of the website.

    2 for 1
    When we attend a repair where a customer has a double garage with two doors, we will also inspect and service the second door at no additional costs.

    Additional Parts/Advisories
    Our technicians have a responsibility to record and advise you of any parts that are worn or have the potential to fail due to age. You are in no way obligated to have these parts changed but if you choose to have them replaced while the technician is still on site, then you will only incur the additional cost of the parts only.

    We are always happy to offer customers advice on simple routine maintenance and things to look out for to help prevent future issues.

  • Repair Information

    Fixed Call Out Fee
    The fixed call out fee is for the admin along with the time and expertise of a technician to attend site, carry out an inspection, diagnose any faults, and advise of any parts required. Any associated work or time spent carrying out the repair is included and no extra costs will apply. Essentially the fee charged is irrelevant of the technician’s time on site.

    Cancelling a Visit (with notice)
    No call out fee will apply for cancellations with the following conditions:

    • Received by email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 24hrs notice before an arranged time slot.
    • Received by phone call to the main office on 01722 711200 in advance of the repairs technician started travel to site.

    Cancelled Visit (without notice)
    Should the technician attend site, and for whatever reason they are unable to carry out or complete the work, for example if we are unable to gain access or you decide not to proceed with the repair - then the fixed call out fee will still be charged and payable.

    Beyond a Repair
    In the event a repair technician attends site and the works are deemed beyond that of a repair, you would incur the fixed call out fee for us attending site, inspecting and advising. Examples include:

    • A structural element of the door, such as the frame, requires replacing
    • A complete new motor system is required
    • Parts are obsolete/unavailable
    • Deemed unrepairable to a reliable and satisfactory safe standard
    We would then hope to provide you with a quotation detailing the costs of the necessary work for your consideration. It is likely we would include a discount to cover a percentage of the fixed call out fee already charged should you wish to proceed.

    Any parts replaced will have a one-year guarantee unless you are notified otherwise.

  • Door Spares

    We hold a large stock of common garage door spares which customers are welcome to purchase directly from us at our main office/showroom in Salisbury.

    Alternatively, we are happy post out any parts if this is more convenient.

    We recommend you gather as much information as possible about the garage door/motor before visiting us to obtain parts. See the ‘Help Us Help You’ section below for advice on identifying your door.

    Safety Notice – We do not advise customer’s carry out repairs without the experience and knowledge to do so correctly and safely. Garage doors are heavy, awkward and often have mechanisms under great tension with risk of serious injury. For automated garage doors the risks are increased for you and others, and we strongly advise against altering any settings which would affect pressure sensitivity or safety devices.


Help us help you

Providing as much information as possible about the garage door and/or motor enables us to identify the correct parts required and provide you with a more accurate indication of costs. The following highlights a few things that helps us identify the manufacturer, model and correct parts.


Door Indentification

Door Make and Model - Look for identifying labels/logos which are often found on the rear of the door panel or on the outside handle.

Door Size and Pattern - Measure the width and height of the door panel and note the pattern/style of the door. E.g. square pattern or vertical lines etc.

Door Material - Identify what the door panel is made of, it is likely to be either metal, timber, GRP fibreglass or UPVC.

Spring Type and Location - How many springs are on the door and where are they located? E.g. one large spring horizontally across the head of the door frame or two springs vertically down either side of the door.

Metal or Wooden Frame - Is the door and mechanism fitted to a metal frame or timber frame?

Door Handle - The handle on the outside often has a name or logo but if not, then a description or picture of the handle can often help us identify the make.

Remote Operator Identification

Motor Make and Model - Names or logos can often be found on the motor control box that either hangs from the ceiling or is fixed to the wall in the garage. Note - the make and model of the motor can differ from the door.

Motor Box Colour/Shape – A description of shape and colour of the motor control box is also useful when there appears to be no labels identifying make or model.

Drive Type - The long track that runs above the door will have a some form of drive mechanism, such as a chain or a belt. This information can be useful in identification.

Remote Handsets - The shape, size, colour of a remote handset and its buttons can all give clues, having it to hand when you call can be helpful?

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