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Service & Maintenance

Our technicians are trained to carry out comprehensive service and maintenance across the range of products we supply and install.

Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure effortless and safe operation for many years to come. For newly installed doors servicing and maintenance at specified intervals is often a condition of the manufacturer’s warranty. The frequency of servicing and maintenance varies depending upon not only the products make/model, but also factors such as location, frequency of use, and environmental conditions (coastal or high traffic urban locations).


  • Servicing

    Our own in-house teams (not subcontractors) are trained and experienced to carry out servicing and maintenance works.

    Exact servicing criteria will vary from product to product, but a typical service commonly includes the inspection and adjustment of the following:

    • Alignment to ensure the product is running level, plumb and freely.
    • Fixings are present, suitable, and tight.
    • Moving components such as rollers, cables, and springs for signs of wear.
    • Structural elements of the door for wear or fatigue which cause complete failure.
    • Condition of surrounding building for visible signs of damage or potential failure.
    • Operation of handles, locks, manual release mechanisms
    • The balance of the door.
    • The necessary safety devices are in place to ensure compliance as per regulations.
    • Mechanical and electronic safety devices are operating correctly.
    • Electrical cabling is in good condition with wiring to terminals tight and secure.
    • Automated system settings are correct and commissioned as required.
    • Carry out procedures under routine maintenance (excludes cleaning)

    Recommended Service Intervals - The majority of manufacturers state annual servicing as a minimum, and that this is carried out by a trained and competent person or company. But, manufacturers also advise that variables such as location, environmental conditions, number of users, intensity of use, and suchlike will vary how often a service is necessary. For example, an underground carpark door for a block of 50 apartments located by the sea, is likely to require more regular services of every 3-6 months.

  • Maintenance

    You should ideally carry out routine maintenance to your door/s approximately every 3 months depending upon factors such as location and environmental conditions.

    It’s a simple process that you can carry out yourself and really does make a difference to the doors operation and longevity. We do include maintenance as part of our servicing procedure (see Servicing).

    Details of the routine maintenance can be found in the manufacturer’s literature or on their website, but will typically involve.

    • Manually operate the door and look, listen and feel for abnormalities
    • If automated, look and listen for abnormalities during the door's operation - but keep clear when doing so.
    • Change batteries in access controls and safety devices
    • Check the doors handle and locking mechanism works and secures
    • Check the manual release mechanism works on automated doors
    • Lubricate moving parts, lock mechanisms, and rubber seals to help prevent against wear and perishing
    • Clean the door externally with warm soapy water and a soft damp cloth
      (Do not use abrasive or aggressive cleaners or cloths)
    • Specialist cleaning and care products are required for materials such as stainless steel.

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