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Somerset Garage Door Alteration

We transformed this two door garage by removing the centre pillar and installing a brand new, stylish double Stone Grey Hormann sectional garage door with automation. 


In 2014 we fitted two compact roller garage doors for Mr Donnelly, however last year he contacted us to see if it would be possible to change his garage doors from two doors to one as the new cars that he had were bigger than before and it was a becoming a struggle to fit them into the garage. Making this change would open up the garage to a wider single opening. This was a complex alteration project as up above the garage are bedrooms and we also had to work around the gas flue going through the garage, this would require some structural guidance to be taken and to ensure that we could proceed with removing the centre pier safely.

Garage Door Alterations 

After discussing options with Mr Donnelly, he decided that the best solution would be to keep the original lintels in whilst creating more head room and removing the centre pier to create a wider opening.

We consulted the Structural Engineers to inspect the steel and Building Control to come and do the inspections. After confirming the details we put a new steel in to pick up the existing lintels at the front and the centre steel that picks up the bedroom floor. We also removed the centre bricks above the garage door to continue on the soldier course to make it look like there has always been one garage door. Mr Donnelly wanted to keep the rosewood theme to match the windows above the garage door but after seeing some of other jobs that we have completed, decided to go for a Rosewood frame and Stone Grey sectional panels to give it a newer look.

Another Satisfied Customer

For the size of the garage door that was needed for this project and due to there being bedrooms up above, the sectional type garage door was the best solution for the width needed and the insulation it provides. The Hormann M Ribbed Sectional garage door is fully automated for convenience and at this size is highly recommended.

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