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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors combine safety, security and practicality.

For those looking for an insulated, automated sectional garage door, Freelance Entry Solutions have a range of options available to choose from leading supplier Hormann. As the name suggests, this type of garage door opens in sections, a space saving feature that has led to the sectional garage door being a best seller throughout Europe.

Quality & Secure Design

Hormann our sectional garage door supplier, lead the way when it comes to quality design features. In terms of safety, the sectional garage doors are designed with an automated stopping feature, in case there is anything blocking its path, including people or a vehicle. At the bottom of the sectional doors from Hormann, there is a flexible surface, which means the door will always be sealed even if there is an uneven floor. For customers looking to prioritise security, convenience and insulation, the sectional door range from Hormann is perfect.

Throughout the sectional garage door range, there are numerous design options, colours and finishes, to ensure there is a suitable door for any customer.

Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

The steel sectional garage doors on offer at Freelance Entry Solutions feature double-wall insulated steel construction, which has a number of benefits. Firstly, it provides good thermal efficiency, and seals the garage off to resist any leaves, debris and bad weather. The insulation of the steel sectional garage door range also delivers better soundproofing, and it ensures greater resistance to any attempted break in.

In the sectional garage door range, there is also a single steel skin panel option, strengthened by bars and fixing points.

Sectional Garage Door Installation

We offer a range of sectional garage door installation services, including supply, supply and install, and ongoing maintenance and repairs. Freelance Entry Solutions have Hormann Partner Status, placing us an authorised dealer of the Hormann sectional garage door range and more. Our team undergo full sectional garage door installation training, which ensures the new doors are correctly fitted. We will also make sure the automation system is up running for your convenience.

The automation system, BiSecur, is only available from Hormann, and is a convenient and secure solution for automatically opening sectional garage doors.

Bespoke Sectional Garage Doors

When investing in a sectional garage door installation, it is important that you find a finish that you are totally satisfied with. Within the Hormann range there is a finish to match any property, ranging from Woodgrain and Sandgrain options, right through to Matt Deluxe and the innovative Duragrain.

Security sectional garage doors are available in custom sizes to ensure they fit snugly inside the garage door space and are available in a huge range of colours. This allows customers to find a stylish door to match the design of their property.

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