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Roller Garage Doors

External roller garage doors, the cost effective space saving solution.

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Freelance Entry Solutions provide the supply and installation of both manual and automatic aluminium roller garage doors from the most reputable UK suppliers such as Hormann, SWS UK, and AlluGuard, who manufacture the most secure and reliable roller doors available.

Rolling, roll up, roll over, and roller shutter garage doors are all terms used in reference to the garage door mechanism, which as the name suggests, rolls up and into a coil. The roller garage door is a space saving design that delivers both practicality and security, making them one of the most popular garage door types on the market.

Practical Design

From a practical perspective, roller garage doors open vertically and roll up into a neat coil above the opening, usually up behind the lintel. This space saving garage door keeps the walls and ceiling clear, freeing up valuable space for storage. Outside you also benefit from the roller shutters vertical opening mechanism, which maximises space on the driveway, allowing vehicles to park close to the garage door without fear of damaging the car or door when opening and closing. Where a garage opens directly onto a public footpath or road, the non-protruding roller shutter garage door system is a great solution.

Easy to Repair Roller Garage Doors

Now the thought of damaging your roller shutter garage door is an unlikely consideration when searching the options, but having been in the garage door business for so long we have seen everything; small dinks and scratches from wheelie bins, dents and holes from unforgiving towbars, even total destruction from “vehicle hand brake failures”, or so we’re told. So while it may not be a deciding factor for choosing a roller garage door, it’s certainly worth considering that the individual slat construction of today’s modern roller doors, means the selected damaged slats can be replaced with relative ease.

External roller garage doors offer only a basic horizontal ribbed design, but vision slats can help break up the solid look of a roller door and allow natural light into the garage space. Ventilated slats provide airflow offering benefits depending on how the garage is used.

Convenience of Automated Electric Roller Doors

Almost all domestic roller garage doors sold today are electrically operated as standard with motors and control systems integral to the design for ultimate convenience. Specialising in electric roller garage doors we have a number of automation options that, depending on make and model offer a 5 year or 7 year guarantee across the entire rolling door system, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Our automatic roller garage doors come as standard with two remote hand transmitters which conveniently allow users to operate the door from the house or vehicle with the touch of a button – although we always suggest you do so within full sight of the door. Customers can also choose from a range of optional access controls such as alarms, wall switches, and coded keypads, a popular addition and particularly useful where the garage is a through route access into the home.

All electric garage doors will include manual release mechanisms so you are never stuck in the event of a power failure, and there are manual roller door options to choose from, should power not be available to the garage.

Roller Garage Doors Deliver Security

For the security conscious customer, we have roll over garage doors, which are Secure by Design certified proving a higher resistance to attack and preventing forced entry. Strong solid locking devices, wider guide runners, and a number of small but significant security design features all help prevent the roller curtain being forced inwards, outwards, or upwards. One roller door in particular meets the higher specification set by the LPCB to create the most secure domestic roller door in its class.

Electric Roller Garage Door Safety

Safety is another important consideration for customers looking for electric garage doors, and our roller door product range does not disappoint. All of our doors are CE marked, and the latest safety features such as instant door auto-reverse should anything be in its way, ensures full compliance with the machinery directive regulations.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Our premium roller garage door range is of the highest quality. The 18mm thick rigid foam core sandwiched between rolled aluminium profiles form the insulated curtain, which along with brush strips in the guides and flexible rubber seal along the bottom of the door, helps improve insulation and provides protection from the outdoor elements.

A smaller compact roller door option is available for those garages where headroom is limited, with its smaller and thinner profile creating a curtain that rolls into a coil size of only 205mm. It is important to note that the compact roller garage door design comes at a compromise, the thinner curtain offers little insulation benefits and significantly reduces the doors strength, so wherever possible we suggest opting for the larger and stronger 18mm insulated roller garage door.

Simple but Stylish Roll up Garage Doors

Available in a range of standard colours, woodgrain timber effect finishes, or even a specific RAL colour of your preference, you can be sure to find something to complement and enhance the appeal of your home. Whether you have an ultra-modern home or something a little more traditional and understated, the simplicity in the roller door design lends itself to suit any property.

Here at Freelance Entry Solutions we offer the complete service, from supply and roller garage door installation to the ongoing maintenance and any repairs. Therefore, if you are searching for a quality low maintenance reliable roll up door system, our roller garage doors deliver.

Browse our roller garage door range and do not hesitate to contact our Salisbury-based team if you have questions.

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