Yes we know - more grey! But you have to admit it looks fab. This property in Salisbury has been transformed with these stunning garage doors and new secure steel front door. 


Mr and Mrs Borland were looking to modernise their home with a new steel front door and two new garage doors that would both look good and provide extra insulation and security - especially as the garage was attached and integral to the house.  Like many modern housing estates parking was limited, especially with a motorhome and two cars to park on the driveway, so a garage door system that would not open outwards would eliminate the possibility of damaging the car with the door.

Their hope was for a company to supply and install both the front door and garage doors, not only for ease of having to only deal with one company, but also ensure consistency in colour and quality of finish across both.



After a site survey to establish the possible options and a visit to our showroom, the customers were reassured their choice was the right one - finding the perfect balance of a more modern appearance while not looking out of place nestled between neighbouring homes.

The sectional garage doors optimally seal on all four sides, resisting weather ingress as the double steel 42mm insulated panels provide a level of insulation that would turn the garage from a cold damp place to more comfortable and usable space - even the rooms adjoining the garage would feel warmer. In addition, the sectional garage doors open vertically rather than arch outwards, maximising driveway space.

The Thermo46 style 700 steel front door completed the modern look. At 46mm-thick this double steel door leaf and aluminium frame provided more than enough insulation, security, and peace of mind. 


Photos of project

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