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new double side sliding garage doors

While on the lookout for customised garage doors in Winchester, this client had come unstuck due to the specialist nature of their project. We were happy to work closely with the client and lean on the manufacturers we work with to make a seemingly impossible project, possible. 


A neighbouring two-property project came up in Central Winchester, with the homeowners contacting the experts at Freelance Entry Solutions to resolve a garage door problem, where the existing old and heavy timber side sliding doors were proving difficult to operate and only getting worse. With no off-road parking other than the garages, it meant a solution had to be found.

The client’s preference was for the installation of garage doors that were secure, easy to operate (preferably fully automated by remote), low maintenance, and that did not open outwards onto the footpath. The design and colour had to be as close to the existing as possible and despite the garages belonging to separate properties due to the location, all the doors had to be a match.

As if that were not enough of a challenge both garages had several obstacles ranging from drain covers, cellar hatch openings, gas and electric pipes/meters, a dividing steel post in one garage and acute wall angles in the other garage. With so many complications, an expert in garage door solutions was required. 


After a lot of thinking ‘outside of the box’ we finally came up with a solution using the HST from Hörmann. A modern low maintenance steel side sliding system which with some careful planning, a lot of measuring and some additions and alterations, would meet every one of our client's needs without compromise.

The single garage door required the corner curve ordered to suit the specific angled wall and subframe to provide clearance of the services.  The wider double garage required a double sliding system that while technically not available from Hörmann, with our previous experience in adapting the Hörmann HST for double side sliding door projects we were confident this was the solution.

Further works for their garage door installation in Winchester included;

  • Building a small pillar on one side to accommodate the gear
  • Recessing the metal plate (covering the cellar opening) into the concrete floor
  • Making a section of the bottom track removable so that if ever required access to a drain was possible

We love a challenge and when we were told by the client that others garage door companies in Winchester had point-blank stated there was no possible solution that would meet their requirements, we were more determined than ever. This job served as a reminder that it is only because of our close relationship with the manufacturers, in this case, Hörmann UK, that allow us to come up with such solutions and execute them with confidence. 


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