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Side Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors supplied and fitted by Freelance Entry Solutions.

Side sliding garage doors offer a different solution for many property owners that is more practical than any up and over type garage door. Garage spaces such as high vault barns or where there is a vehicle ramp in use, will be able to utilise a side sliding garage door, with no interference with the ceiling space.

Trusted Hormann Partners and Side Sliding Specialists

Freelance Entry Solutions hold Hormann Partner Status, meaning we are trusted by the brand to supply, fit and install their specialist products including their side sliding garage door range. As the name suggests the doors slide in and out from the side, meaning if you just want a small entry point to access a bike or garden tool, this is possible without the need to fully open the garage door.

Operated manually or with a controller, side sliding garage doors are quiet, easy and smooth to operate, while they are also built to last.

Safety Features

The side sliding garage door comes in vertical sections, but the clever designers at Hormann have ensured that fingers or any object that interferes is cleverly pushed out to the surface. Optimally shaped door section transitions and hinges prevent fingers from being accidentally trapped.

As with any Hormann automated door, should there be any obstruction when sliding across, the door will reverse safely the other way. This means you can install the side sliding garage doors in confidence that they operate safely and prevent any damage to vehicles or property.

Side Sliding Door Security

When investing in garage doors, security is often top of the list. The side sliding door range has twin point locking to prevent forced entry as well as a mechanical lock. There are also features in place to secure the garage space from water and debris ingress through the innovative aluminium floor tracking system which is surface mounted.

Design Your Side Sliding Garage Door

Choose from a wide variety of styles, designs and colours, with woodgrain, sand grain, silk grain and decograin options available. There is a finish to suit just about any home. The side sliding garage door provides a pedestrian wicket door function as standard for when you need to pop in and out of the garage and the technology is available to you, to check the door is locked without leaving the house.

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