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Matching Garage Side Doors

Great quality and fantastically designed matching garage side doors.

Garage side doors are available by the same manufacturers as your garage doors to match and fit perfectly with your home as well as your lifestyle.

Hormann and Garador steel and timber garage side door options offer minimal maintenance and perfect co-ordination. These pedestrian garage side doors don’t just look impressive but provide security and easy access.


All of our doors are a safe and secure visual deterrent, and our garage side doors are no different, depending on the option you choose, they can be installed and equipped with RC2 3-Point locking upgrade, plus, a 10-year warranty on safe and reliable function.

Variety of Options

Choose from a wide variety of designs, features, sizes and specs - the matching garage side door provides a pedestrian entrance door function for when you need to pop in and out of the garage. Depending on the range you decide to go for, you can choose from a variety of accessories, including handles, metal inlays, and skirting plates to suit your preferences.

Matching Seamlessly

Match your garage entry side door seamlessly with Woodgrain, Sandgrain, Silkgrain and Decograin, plus, more options are available - there is a finish to suit just about any home.

Suppliers and Fitters

At Freelance Entry Solutions, we’ll talk you through your requirements and budget before helping you settle on the right door for you. Everything will be measured, planned and optimised so that once the door is in place, everything fits and works perfectly for years to come.

No matter which garage side door brand and design you choose, we’ll make sure it fits perfectly and that you are left satisfied and happy with the installation.