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Overlap Garage Doors

Overlap garage doors supplied and fitted by Freelance Entry Solutions.

At Freelance Entry Solutions, we stock overlap garage doors from industry leading supplier Delta Overlap, whose innovative trackless design reduces the space required inside the garage. If you are short on space, but hot on security, an overlap trackless garage door might just be the perfect solution.

Practical Overlap Garage Doors

The key advantage to choosing an overlap garage door system is that it does not require tracks to be suspended from the ceiling and as the door ‘overlaps’ when closed, only half the space is required as opposed to a standard up and over door. This also means if you need access to the garage roof space or rafters, you will be able to get to it with ease, freeing up more storage space at your property.

Close attention to detail is evident from the manufacturer, with a stylish look given to the interior and exterior of the Overlap trackless garage door range. Even the operator is neatly hidden, while the internal panels are finished in a crisp clean white, or customisable with other colours.

Overlap Garage Doors Key Features

Space saving is the key feature and the main reason customers opt for an overlap design. The operating system is trackless and the motor for the automated overlap garage doors uses a robust counterweight system removing the need for springs. The Overlap range also comes with a long term warranty on all metal parts.

Park as close as you like to the overlap garage door, as the unique opening method will safely open and close within a tight space, while the steel doors will still deliver an excellent level of security.

Space Saving & Stylish

Beyond the space saving benefits, overlap garage doors are minimalist and stylish, adding value to any home or garage. For customers looking for a neat look that is secure to protect the contents of their garage, an overlap door is a great choice. With options available from 42mm up 70mm and great insulation properties, it is easy to see why the overlap range is popular.

Better still the range is available in a huge number of finishes, designs and colours to ensure that customers are able to find an overlap garage door that compliments their home. Our showroom team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, while our experienced engineers will install and test the new doors to make sure they are fitted perfectly ready to use and enjoy for many years to come.

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