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Future Line by RK Door Systems

You instinctively expect to reach for a protruding handle, which is why the Future Line designs play with the mind - in a good way! LED back-lit recessed handles merge into the doors structure and design to create a flush clean finish. 

You have complete control. If you would rather not have the LED lighting or want a specific colour LED, it's your choice. Choose to have a contrasting finish within or around the handle, you can even have the recess glazed adding both light and yet another element of design. 

It's amazing how a twsit on a handle can have such an impact.

We would highly recommend you visit our online RK door configurator where you can play and create the combinations that suit you.



Colour Finishes - Satin Matt or Microstructure

Satin Matt is a smooth powder-coat finish with approx. 30% gloss - a close match to that used in the aluminium window industry. Microstructure is a definite matt finish with a very slight texture to the touch. Some say a more premium look and feel. *Surcharge applies

    Pure White RAL9010
    Traffic White RAL9016
    White Aluminium RAL9006
    Grey Aluminium RAL9007
    Silver Grey RAL7001
    Black Grey RAL7021
    Light Grey RAL7035
    Slate Grey RAL7015
    Anthracite Grey RAL7016
    Pebble Grey R7032
    Quartz Grey RAL7039
    Jet Black   RAL9005
    Moss Green RAL6005
    Purple Red RAL3004
    Chocolate Brown RAL8017
  • Light Dun (*Microstructure)
  • Dark Dun (*Microstructure)
  • Sparkling Iron (*Microstructure)
  • Metallic DB703 (*Microstructure)
  • *Metallic Black Noir

Wood Effect Finishes

Realistic wood effects provide a natural authentic look while promising durability and UV resistance. Note - for technical reasons some wood effects are limited to specific door designs.

  • Sierra
  • Golden Oak
  • Walnut
  • Wenge
  • Beech Antique
  • Winchester Oak
  • Black Wood
  • Silver Grey Oak
  • Dark Cherry
  • Light Cherry
  • Fine Oak
  • Sonoma Oak
  • Old Rustic Oak
  • Rustic Oak
  • Golden Oak (foil)
  • Natural Oak (foil)
  • Sheffield Oak Light (foil)
  • Sheffield Oak Grey (foil)
  • Winchester Oak (foil)

Ceramic Finishes

Ceramic finishes are ultra durable and resistant to corrosive environments, ideal for coastal regions. These unique ceramic finishes add texture and can be introduced as a subtle inlay or over the entire door for the ultimate statement piece.

  • Oxide Moro
  • Oxide Nero
  • Ossido Bruno
  • Ossido Nero
  • Filo Pece
  • Tredi Carbonio
  • Naturali Nero

Metallic Finishes

  • Rustic Steel
  • Corten Steel
  • Antique Bronze
  • Antique Copper
  • Antique Textured Bronze
  • Antique Textured Copper
  • Antique Textured Black

Coated Finishes

  • Concrete Effect
  • Rust Effect
  • Graphite Shadow

Bespoke Finishes

RK doors are renowned for their desire and ability to create bespoke doors. So if you have a specific colour or finish in mind, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to create a door that's individual to you.

  • U-Value as low as .67W/
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • UK Secure by Design and PAS 24 Certified
  • Available as Exclusive 75mm or Premium 94mm thick
  • European RC2 and RC3 security accredited
  • Door + side elements are single frame construction
  • Flush door and frame - both interior and exterior

Bar handles

Whilst the designs are all based around a recessed handle, RK is all about creating an individual door for you. If you like a Furture Line design but prefer to the idea of a traditional bar or lever handle then consider it done.  Choose from an extensive range of bar style handles, both vertical and horizontal, available in a choice of materials, colours, finishes and optional inlays.

Internal lever handles

A selection of lever handles to compliment the interior of your home.

Concealed hinges

High quality concealed hinges for when design matters as much inside as it does outside.  Both the 90dgr and 160dgr opening hinges are 3-ways fully adjustable.  

Side elements & transom windows

Triple glazed side elements and top transom windows are constructed using a single frame system which can be manufactured to suit bespoke applications such an archedtop or sloping lintels.

Bespoke glass etching 

From linear stripes for continuation of a doors design, to house names, numbers and bespoke designs.  Available for door, side elements and top transom glazing.

Security rosette

Stainless steel rosette reinforces the lock cylinder for additional protection against attack.


Metal inlays flush to the door panel enhance your door design and come in any finish or colour to suit you.


A metal letter box is available within the door as a factory fitted option.  Alternatively we offer a range of stand alone wall and post mounted letter boxes which can be customised to compliment your door and incorporate your house name or number should you so desire.

Scratch protection escutcheon plates

Inlayed into the surface of the door for a flush finish, the optional sctratch protection plates help prevent marking of the doors surface from keys and rings.  Available in chrome, stainless steel, and cooper or gold effect.


Skirting plates

A metal skirting plate helps protect the lower section of the door from everyday knocks and bumps.  Available in chrome, stainless steel and copper or gold effect finish.

Digital door viewer

The digital door viewer is a neat solution with options such as having the lense built discretly into the design of the door and the LCD monitor flush fitted into the door internally. 


Electronic locking

The ultimate in convenience is automated locking/unlocking.  A wide selection of access control options can incorporated into and feel part of the doors design.

  • Coded keypads
  • Fingers scanners
  • Remote keyfobs
  • Home automation systems
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Key Features

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