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LTE by Hormann

A reliable sectional garage door that seals to prevent leaves, debris and general weather ingress. The LTE single steel skin panels have strategically placed strengthening bars to provide rigidity and fixing points for the sectional operating mechanism. The choice of designs and finishes are limited, but for the little extra cost (if any), it may just be worth considering upgrading to the LPU42 for more choice, greater strength and built quality - especially if security is a concern.

You will find a video of the Hormann sectional door in operation under the LPU42 sectional by Hormann.

S- panelled

Woodgrain Finishes

This inexpensive, robust steel surface has an embossed sawn timber pattern that is particularly forgiving when it come to minor bumps and scratches. A satin paint with slight sheen (35-40% gloss) then provides a durable and easy to clean finish. Woodgrain is available for door designs: S-Ribbed / M-Ribbed / Panelled. *Extra charges will apply

    Traffic White RAL9016
    Light Ivory RAL1015
    White Aluminium RAL9006
    Grey Aluminium RAL9007
    Light Grey RAL7035
    Window Grey RAL7040
    Basalt Grey RAL7012
    Slate Grey RAL7015
    Anthracite Grey RAL7016
    Stone Grey RAL7030
    Quartz Grey RAL7039
    Jet Black   RAL9005
    Moss Green RAL6005
    Fir Green   RAL6009
    Terra Brown RAL8028
  • Anthracite Metallic CH703
  • *Noir 2100 Sable
  • RAL to Choose
  • Compatible for remote automation
  • German engineered and backed with a 10 year warranty
  • Optimally sealed to resist leaves, debris and general weather ingress
  • Maximises space both inside and out
  • Equally sized and spaced panels/designs
  • Matching garage personnel doors available

Weather Stop door threshold

This threshold is ideal for closing up the small gap underneath the garage door, prevents water, leaves, dust and debris from getting under the garae door. Made from aluminium it can withstand heavy traffic. 

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