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Garage doors fitted in an oak garage

Many oak framed garages are constructed to store and protect cars, garden equipment and more, with many homeowners choosing not to add a garage door at the time of construction. However, in our experience given a few years and in some cases months of using the barn, people often change their mind and opt to add secure garage doors to safeguard their property.

The Rising Popularity of the Oak Garage

Open car barns and garages have become extremely popular in recent years, often for planning reasons. Wooden garages are considered temporary structures and as a result, don’t need planning permission.  

A single or double oak garage is also a potentially cheaper alternative to garages constructed from brick or other materials. Oak garages are also more easily customised to give the customer the finish they desire and in many cases, an oak garage is better looking!

Resolving the Impracticality of Open Oak Barn Garages

Once an oak garage is constructed, installed and the work complete, homeowners are able to enjoy their additional storage space and impressive new oak structure, but in our experience, once they are living with the open oak garage space, they soon learn of the impracticalities.

  • Lack of security and hence not ideal for storage
  • Open to the elements
  • Birds’ nests
  • Inability to hide unsightly items

Open Oak Garages Severely Lack Security  

Whether attached to an existing property or offset elsewhere on the drive, oak garages add a real sense of luxury if purpose-built. Aside from this, they deliver a fantastic amount of storage space for almost any item or belonging.

However, open oak single or double garages are accessible, which in some instances is great news for getting in and out machinery, cars, toys or gardening equipment, but they are also open to theft.

Bike theft for instance is on the rise, with some startling statistics suggesting there were 81.526 thefts between January 2020 and September 2020, ‘according to England and Wales crime data. That’s 223 thefts every day.' 

Obviously more densely populated areas suffer from bike theft, however, it still makes sense to ensure you minimise the risk of theft from your property no matter where you reside, and one such way is by adding garage doors to open double or single oak garages and outbuildings. If you are unable to store larger or more expensive items in a purpose-built oak barn garage, then the space becomes pretty redundant.

At Freelance Entry Solutions, we are used to being called upon to install garage doors for owners to help customers protect their belongings. 

Shut Out the Elements

The ever-changing British weather is another reason why oak barns require garage doors. Protective doors prevent weather blow-ins and keep the items in storage safe during the winter months when cars, equipment and any items you want to keep dry will require a secure garage door to insulate them from the elements.

Prevent Roosting Birds

Garage doors also keep wildlife from roosting and becoming a nuisance in your oak barn garage. Naturally, oak barns are appealing to birds as a safe and dry environment, but the last thing you want especially if there are expensive items inside the barn is bird mess causing any foul smells and potentially damaging any items in storage, plus the barn itself. Closing the garage doors will help prevent birds from roosting and any associated problems. 

Keep Unsightly Items Tucked Away

Bespoke built oak barn garages really do look the business, and as many of us use garage spaces to hideaway unsightly items such as gardening tools and equipment and items we don’t want around in the house, it is nice to know you can shut the door behind you and leave it all hidden away. Open oak barns don’t offer this luxury, but through the installation of garage doors, the Freelance team will be happy to help complete the look of a tidy and closed barn. 

Who Can We Help?

Just about anyone! If you are in the construction sector and require the expertise of our garage door fitters we are happy to help, just as much as we are available to help homeowners who feel the time is right to close the door on their open barn problems.

With so many options available from one piece up and over garage doors to the latest automated options, we can fit custom-built garage doors to add security to your oak barn garage. 

Drop us an email or give us a call and we can get to work with our oak barn garage door installation service.