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Gates & Automation


Safety should be paramount in any automated gate project and with every gate and site layout being different it is down to the installer/designer to build in the necessary safety features. A number of products are available as follows.

Safe Beams

An inferred beam is passed between two photocells which when broken can be used to stop a gates movement (and reverse if desired). The gate/site layout will determine how many pairs of photocells are required and where these are used.

Anti-crush Detection

The majority of automation systems today have a facility within the motor/PCB board to detect an obstruction and stop its movement. This can within reason be adjusted accordingly to take into account variants such as wind loading etc.

Pressure Edges

A rubber profile will detect and obstruction when pressure is applied and stop gate movement. Commonly used on the leading edge of a sliding gates but also as any potential areas of entrapment.