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Wireless Intercoms:

The Diracom Dect is a wire free digital system that uses high end components to give clear sound quality over a 100mtr range. A portable wireless BT style handsets is conveniently located in the home/property allowing for easy communication with the caller and activation of the gate. Additional handsets can easily be added without the need for hardwiring. Wireless

GSM Intercoms:

The Diracom GSM will call your existing phone system, allowing you to speak with the caller and operate automated gates from your current telephone handset. The system is completely wireless and uses mobile phone technology meaning there is no cabling between the gates and the building and no cabling or additional intercom handsets within the building. Up to six separate telephone numbers can be called making the system useful for entrances serving multiple properties or allowing a single user to have the system call landline numbers at home or work, or a mobile number wherever you may be. In all cases the telephone that receives the call can be used to operate the gate from any location. Each programmed number also has the facility to divert to a second preset number if a call is not answered.

Audio+Visual Intercoms:

Usually for those who are looking for the added security and peace of mind from the ability to actually see the person at the gate is who they say they are.