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Garage Doors & Automation

Before Calling

To enable us to identify the correct parts it would be helpful and save time if you can provide us with as much information as possible about the door and /or motor. The following should help you in identifying a few things we may need to know.

Door Indentification

Door Manufacturer and Make Look for identifying labels/logos on either the rear of the door panel or on the outside handle.
Door Size and Pattern Measure the width and height of the door panel and note the pattern/style of the door e.g. Squares pattern or vertical lines.
Door Material Identify what the door panel is made of, it is likely to be either metal, timber, GRP fibreglass or UPVC.
Spring Location How many springs are on the door and where are they located? e.g. 1x large spring horizontally across the head of the frame inside.
Metal or Steel Frame Is the door and lifting gear fitted to a metal or timber frame?
Door Handle The handle on the outside often has a name or logo but if not then a good description can often help us identify the make.

Remote Operators Identification

Note the operator manufacturer will not necessarily be the same as the door manufacturer.

Manufacturer and Make Names or logos on either the remote handset or motor box that usually hangs from the ceiling.
Motor Box Colour The colour of the motor box.
Drive Type The long track that runs from the motor box to above the door will have a drive mechanism which will have one of the following: a long spiralling metal rod, a chain, a nylon toothed belt or occasionally a part chain and part cable?
Remote Handsets The remotes shape, size, colour and buttons can all give clues, having it to hand when you call can be helpful?

If you are still unable to identify your door/motor please contact us and we will be able to assist. E-mailing photos can often be a quick and reliable method.