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Remote Operators Overview

“Convenience at the touch of a button”

Although the technology and features have advanced considerably over the years the basic operator design remains pretty much unchanged, with a track that is fixed above the centre of the door that extends back into the garage where the drive motor/control box is then suspended from the ceiling. Today’s motors use a chain or belt drive mechanism connected to the top of the door via a metal arm and simply pushes and pulls the door open and closed.

Remote operators work on the basis that the door has its own lifting mechanism that allows the door to be opened and closed efficiently as a manual door by hand, and the remote operator is a separate system that is attached to the door and activated via a remote from the car/house or a fixed button in the garage. It is important to note a garage door remote operator is designed to lift a garage door that already works by hand with relative ease, and not to operate an excessively heavy or broken door!!

At Freelance we recommend and install two makes of remote operator, Seip and Hormann /(Garador). Both manufacturers offer numerous features + accessories but more importantly both have a proven history of reliable build quality and customer service.