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Door Compatibility

The following is just a guide and there are some other variations of door type on the market.


Canopy gear generally comprises of a long single spring and cable lifting mechanism attached to the frame above the door. When open the door protrudes out of the front of the opening by approx 2ft hence the term canopy. This gear type was never originally designed to be automated and although after market conversion arms and motor designs have been produced to try and rectify this they all have inherent problems. Please contact us if you would like further details.

Up and Over Retractable COMPATIBLE

Retractable gear comprises of 2 no metal pivot arms and springs that anchor vertically to either frame post, with horizontal runners that suspend from the ceiling allowing the door to slide fully back into the garage hence the term retractable. Directly compatible due to the fact that the remote operators design was intended for use with the retractable up and over door originally.

Sectional Doors COMPATIBLE

Comprise of separate horizontally hinged panels, usually 4 depending on door height, which open vertically with no swing out action, and then slide horizontally back on tracks that run parallel to the ceiling. Sectional door are directly compatible with automation.


Although some roller doors are compatible for automation it is not often an effective option for existing/older doors, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Side Hinged Doors COMPATIBLE

As the name suggests side hinged doors comprise of two doors that open outwards much like traditional wardrobe doors and are compatible for automation with the addition of a swing arm kit.